Fur or Faux? The Faux Pas Dilemma

Fur or Faux? The Faux Pas Dilemma

Mink, fox and beaver furs have been worn for centuries, as a symbol of wealth and class, however many high fashion designers have been incorporating fur into their latest collections, and now sparked a bit of controversy. While PETA strongly discourages wearing fur, major fashion retailers such as MyTheresa, Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue can’t seem to get enough of it, selling fur bag charms, coats, hats and more.

la-modella-mafia-Model-Off-Duty-fur-+-Balenciaga-bag tumblr_inline_nfvog2gqVo1rm2ad9 long-fur-coat-street-style kate-moss-blue-fendi-coat1-234x400 Caroline-Issa-street-style-fur-coat-phillip-lim-leather-bag-fashion-over-reason

Faux fur on the other hand, although much less expensive, does not seem to catch on as quickly. Badly made faux’s tend to look obviously faux, thus not being very appealing to those who love the look of real fur.

Faux_Fur_Leather3  5bc81f6e53221a2cf8e1750cd3b3be4e


Fur or Faux seems to be a big decision every fashionista must make at some point in her life, so I’m going to try and help you make yours.

It all started when I was in New York City, in the winter, just as it began to snow. It was dark and freezing, so I ducked into a tiny little thrift shop somewhere in the heart of SoHo. As I walked in, the first thing that caught my eye was the rack of 20 long fur coats. They were so soft, and absolutely stunning and as I browsed through them, I couldn’t help but try one on. It was a gorgeous calf length mink with an original classic 60’s collar. When I tried it on, I felt like some fashionable celebrity, a modern day Jackie O. I twirled and twirled in front of the mirror and it felt amazing. But then, I started to think about all that I knew about the fur industry. Animals being killed in the cheapest way possible. Suffering for 9 minutes before actually drowning to death. Being skinned alive. Being gassed.

I ended up buying the coat, and although this definitely does not make up for the horrible suffering the animals endured to make this beautiful coat, what did help comfort me was the fact that I had pretty much recycled it. The coat actually was from the 60’s, so I was making one last final use out of it, so that those animals weren’t killed for nothing.

katemosskatemossstripedfurcoat9lvtphgrz-vl1 32-55a1616-anna-wintour Fendi-Models-Wearing-Fur-in-a-Fashion-Show

So, in conclusion, it is 100% your decision whether you choose fur or faux, or both, but some things to consider definitely are:

-Do you want to support the fur industry?

-Do you want to reuse a coat that otherwise would go to waste?

-Do you like the look and texture of faux?

I, myself, am completely and utterly obsessed with both. Although I do feel horrible for the animals, I am glad that I get to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a real fur, while still knowing that I am able to reuse a coat, and use it one last time before it falls apart completely, as well as owning a few fauxs that look just as great!



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