Trendmirror’s Ultimate Wishlist 2014

Trendmirror’s Must-Have Holiday Wishlist!

Here’s a roundup of my dream wishlist for 2014 featuring my top four items for bags, shoes, makeup and clothing!

My obsession with the Balenciaga Mini City bag is indescribable. It’s just one of the cutest bags I have ever seen, it’s spacious, can be dressed up or dressed down, and can make any outfit. With the new pastel colors available for spring (not pictured), this bag is an absolute dream for the new year.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 10.02.19 PM

Balenciaga Mini City Bag: 945-990eur via

Kenzo Dress:

While I wasn’t able to get my hands on Zara’s summer “eye pattern” shift dress that had every tumblr girl squealing, I was able to find this adorable dress reminiscent of the Zara one, and from Kenzo itself, which is known for it’s over-use of the eye pattern.

images Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.45.27 PMurl-1

kenzo clutch and dress, zara dress

kenzo dress: 220eur via

Nars Vault

A girl can never have enough lipstick right?…Is what you thought before you saw the Nars Lipstick Vault. Never worry about not having the right shade of lipstick with this 10 piece set of lipsticks and matching nail polishes, for a perfect pout every day.

p391403-av-01-hero300 p391403-av-02-hero300 p391403-av-04-hero300

Nars Lipstick Vault: 500usd via

Givenchy Silvia Ankle Boots

If there ever was an all time classic, trend defying, absolutely timeless pair of boots in the world, it would without a doubt be these. Their form is just so flattering on any foot, and the clean lines with the perfect amount of platform and heal just makes them even better. If only the price tag were as beautifully perfect as the boots themselves…

GIVE-WZ77_V3 Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 11.37.18 PM url

Givenchy Silvia Ankle Boot: 1050eur via



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