Trendmirror Obsessions: Footwear, Part II of Obsession Series

Shoes can be quite tricky in terms of whether a style is “hot or not” just because of the fact that each person has a personal style and opinion on what they like and are comfortable wearing. In today’s post, I’m going on a little treasure hunt to find the perfect shoes for spring/summer 2015, and although they are all black, which is quite uncommon for spring, we’ve been seeing a lot of darker colors on the S/S 15 runways, and plus, when does black ever go out of style? Whether you’re a Kim-K-Type, who never leaves the house in anything other than heels, or an on-the-go kinda girl, who always has some trusty (but fashionable of course) sneakers to rely on, I hope you’ll be able to fall in love with your dream shoes here, that will be sure to make you very happy this upcoming season!

“The Kardashian”

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 8.32.20 PM

Valentino Rockstud Leather Pumps

available (and image) via


I decided to pick out mainly monochrome shoes, because who doesn’t need a wardrobe staple for spring, am I right? These Valentino Rockstud pumps are an all time classic, and there is absolutely no way you could go wrong here… Pair them with anything from jeans, a blouse and a red lip to an LBD and a dramatic winged liner and you’re ready to go!

The “On-The-Go”

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 9.55.03 PM

Givenchy Tyson Stars Sneakers

available (and image) via


I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to look put together even when I’m just wearing sweats or jeans, so for all you ladies who feel the same way, these are the shoes for you! Theses gorgeous Givenchy Tyson sneakers can dress up or dress down any outfit, whether you’re wearing some comfy pants and a vintage tee, or a pencil skirt and crop top.

The “Boot Lover”

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 11.06.25 AM

Givenchy Laura Leather Ankle Boot

available (and image) via


Me being obsessed with boots in summer is an absolute understatement. I know that in a lot of places boots are just not an option in 100 degree weather, but in SoCal weather, they are a summer staple. Now that the Balenciaga Ceinture boot craze has died down quite a bit, these boots are in the spotlight, with their gorgeous little heel, and shiny chain across the front. Pair these with an asymmetrical bodycon dress, or boyfriend jeans and a black crop and you’re ready to go!

The “True Summer Obsessed”

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 5.22.17 PM

Balenciaga Pierce Leather Sandals

available (and image) via


If you really want to dive into the spring/summer time of year, you’re probably looking for some gorgeous sandals, and thank god for Balenciaga because these sandals are a dream. The touch of gold hardware contrasts beautifully with the multiple black leather straps, and the countered footbed makes them super comfy. Wear these with an origami skort and a simple top, or even some cuffed and destroyed skinny jeans and  striped top.

Also, since I forgot to mention this last post, Happy (super late) New Year! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season, and wish you an exiting and fashionable 2015! xo

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