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At the peak of Summer Vacation, everyone is obviously on the hunt for the season’s hottest sunglasses to combat the glare of the sun. For 2015, my hottest pick is without a doubt the Dior So Real sunnies. Elegant and modern, with a sleek design and brow bar, these shades are available in a range of colors, from the well-known silver and metallic lenses even to an all black matte version. Whether you’re a classic a-line day-dress-and-red-lip kinda gal and prefer a tortoise shell frame and light brown lenses or a more monochrome-contemporary-chic girl who prefers a sleek silver look, I’m sure you will find the perfect version that fits your style and personality perfectly.

If the hefty $545 price tag is keeping you from your dream shades, why not try a look-alike pair first to make sure you really love them before committing, or even just to rock the trend for a summer or two? Here are some options to get you started:


Above available at:
Price: $40


Above available at:
Price: $29

Originally, I was always a bit wary of Dior, from their bags to their shoes to their accessories, I just never felt drawn to any of their over the top ensembles which never seemed to be trendy for more than a season. Dior had some of the funkiest runways in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, which were interesting to see, but less interesting to wear. I’m all for classic silhouettes and bringing back some original ideas which is something I felt Dior lacked in recent years, going overboard with fox heads adorning models heads on the runway in 1999 or the satanic-inspired dresses that adorned their 2006 runway. Fashion Powerhouse Chanel for example, was recently able to take their famous tweed fabric, but instead of styling it into one of their classic Jackie-O style two piece jacket and skirt, reworked it into a trendy coat style, the loose and boxy boyfriend coat in 2014. Dior’s lack of these creative yet still classic innovations in previous years always kept me away from their products, but not anymore. Since fashion and music icon Rihanna became the new face of the brand, Dior has been able to venture out into new territory and generally take on a more youthful but still classic approach on modern fashion. Not only with the So Real sunglasses, but also their funky Fusion Sneakers as well as their mini Lady Dior bag everyone is coveting.


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