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I don’t know about you, but I could never bring myself to buy a statement bag. I always tend to stick with black, because for me thats the only color that can be both chic and casual, and will forever be classy and never go out of style. Sometimes, however, especially in spring, I crave a little pop of color in my outfits, and in that moment I wish I had at least one statement bag… So, I started playing around with some accessories to attach to my bag, and came up with my top two favorite things you might already have in your closet to accessorize your monochrome bag! Enjoy

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A major trend I’ve been seeing on instagram in the past few weeks is accessorizing bags with silk scarves. I took a lot of inspiration from photos I saw of Hermes Birkins and Kellys that had silk scarves wrapped around their handles to add some floral prints into the otherwise plain bag, and wrapped a blue, white and orange silk scarf around one handle of my black mini Antigona. Honestly, I loved the result, I thought the blue and orange look beautiful contrasting with the black bag, and add just enough color without being overwhelming. For my red bag, I wanted to tone down the color, but still elevate the look of the whole bag with a scarf, so I took my Alexander McQueen classic skull print scarf, and just had the corner of it dangle out of the bag. I loved how it helped break up the completely red bag, and add a more grunge twist with the skulls .

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My second favorite bag accessory was the fur poof. Since the release of Fendi’s Bag Bugs, and just their regular poofs, these little guys have been major trends, and especially hot considering fur is a major spring 2015 trend. I decided to attach a simple light grey poof to the red bag, to downplay the color a bit, but still make it more fun. To the black bag however, I decided to add a bit more color, since that was what it was lacking, so I paired it with a little maroon, royal blue and black Bag Bug. Again, I feel like the colors add just the right amount of pop to the bag without distracting too much from the beautiful shape of the bag.

So, just pair any simple bag you have laying around with a fun and colorful scarf or fur accessory to instantly amp it up and turn it into a statement bag for spring!


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